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 You matter, and your voice in county government matters too. The Erda Community Association was formed to ensure that we have that voice. We represent the entire county, not just Erda. While we do have a large stake in trying to protect rural living and agriculture, we gathered signatures for seven referendums in Tooele County because our voices were not being heard. We believe citizens have the right to choose how and where development occurs. We fought to ensure that “the people” could vote on zoning changes and high-density development. We should have a stake in community development and ultimately, a choice in how change will transform our lives (good or bad).

 The Erda Community Association initially organized to pursue incorporation of Erda. We felt that having a locally controlled planning and zoning committee may promote better land use decisions in order to preserve rural life. However, it was quickly realized that our immediate focus needed to turn to the referendum process due to zoning changes. The previous county commissioners increased development utilizing zoning changes without regard for citizens who share boundaries. More importantly, there is a greater concern about water, air pollution, sewer and traffic. We were not getting answers to our question relating to these critical matters.

 We are not anti-growth. Growth is going to happen, but it should be in harmony with existing zoning. Property owners expected their neighborhoods to develop according to the county general plan when they made their investment. They were told that it would be done with consideration given to all resources, but zoning changes were made under the guise of “affordable housing”. One property owner’s right should not supersede another(s). We represent and have garnered support from Vernon, Rush Valley, Stockton, South Rim, Grantsville, Tooele City, Erda, Lake Point and Stansbury. The entire county is our focus. Focusing on these issues now will hopefully preclude future actions and prevent precedence’s from being established.

 We are the group that recruited the people and coordinated efforts to make sure you had the opportunity to sign referendum packets. Because of donations made by signature gatherers during the referendum process, we funded the printing of all the referendums that impacted not only Erda, but Stansbury and Lake Point to an even greater degree. We just saw the value in how it ultimately impacts all of us, one way or another.

 It is certain that development will impact our lives. As we gathered signatures, many of you voiced your concerns about water, environmental impact, traffic, and taxes. We were proud to see thousands of you from all communities showing support by signing. You were truly a part of a grass roots effort and you should be proud of that. Because of you, all seven referendums had enough signatures (15,000+) to be validated and we wish to thank everyone that participated.

 The first three (Erda Brothers Three) rezoning requests were rescinded at the request of the property owner. Adobe Rock Ranch in Lake Point and Stansbury will be on the ballot in 2020, and we are certain Shoshone Village in Erda has the required signatures, but has not been declared by the county clerk as of yetSkywalk, a high-density project located in West Erda, was counted and with enough valid signatures, but it was denied by the county attorney and county clerk. The county is allowing the project to move forward. We disagree with the County’s decision and believe it is illegal. We have hired an attorney, have an excellent case, and know we can win! Recently the Utah Supreme Court ruling in favor of the people of Holladay City spoke clearly. Citizens have rights based on the Utah Constitution. The constitution outlines the process for citizens to protest land use and there are several other case rulings that align with our position. The legal process was started to protect our legal rights as residents of Tooele County. We can choose how we want to live and do have a voice in our community.

 While you may not feel that this impacts you directly, it does. No matter where you live in this county you may be impacted by shortages of water and increased traffic congestion. This will continue to happen without proper growth planning and taxes are sure to increase due to concessions to the developers. We are asking you to turn your passion for your way of life into financial assistance. This will send a message…WE SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE. We are calling on everyone to help drive home this important message and we must see it through. We feel we need to raise about $100,000 to continue our case to achieve a successful result. While that may seem like a lot, it is really only $10 from 10,000 people.

 We realize that not everyone can support the fight but where you can, we are asking for your help. No one person can carry this burden. It is up to all of us. Making sure that you have a voice in government is important, it’s the American way. We have experienced several years of poor decisions from our local government and refuse to do it any longer. Please UNITE and FIGHT.

 Tax deductible donations can be made online at or in person at any MACU branch on behalf of the Erda Community Association, Inc. If you have any questions you can email us via the contact page on the website. Thank you in advance, we will win this as a united community, people who want to preserve the lifestyle we live here for – it is about all of us. Re-occurring donations are also encouraged for future situations.

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